TSCM Technical Software Configuration Management

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Technical Software Configuration Management (TSCM)

is the application of the latest and greatest technologies to automate and streamline configuration management processes used specifically for software development. The concepts of configuration management (CM) have not changed in many years. Unfortunately, most industries, companies, or customers have not evolved with technology. This has produced an understandable technology gap, given that technology is moving faster and faster each year. Keeping up with technology seems like two full time jobs and leaves little room for regular, day-to-day work. Consequently, CM is often overlooked, tedious, time consuming, and undervalued. Most developers view CM as something that inhibits productivity. Developers protest, complain, or spin their wheels about anything CM related. Sound familiar? Fortunately, these ideas are unfounded. However, as the technology gap grows, it only supports these myths. TSCM occurs when we remove the technology gap related to CM and actually streamline the processes for developers using newer technologies. This results in a faster, smoother, and reproducible development cycle because time is no longer wasted at the end trying to build, tag, deliver, and deploy the resulting software.

Corporate TSCM Opportunities and Benefits

The TSCM organization is passionate about and committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement and automation surrounding configuration management, automated testing, and much more. Our organization can help your company with the configuration management and testing sections of proposals by providing the content using our forward thinking ideas and automated processes which result in an effective and efficient technical software configuration management and testing plans. These technical software configuration management and testing plans differentiates your proposal from your competitors by providing the best value; especially, in these tough and competitive economic times. Please contact us today to learn more about TSCM.